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George Washington School
Principal: Ruth Ann - Hunt Email Principal Icon
Grade Level: 5-8
School Type: K-12
386 Hudson St.
Hackensack, NJ  07601
Phone: 201-931-1301
Fax: 201-931-1305

George Washington School Highlights for 2015-2016

YCS George Washington School began the year by being named a “School of Excellence” by the National Association of Special Education Teachers.  This is the second year in a row that this distinction was bestowed upon our school. 

In keeping with our tradition of striving to improve our program, this year we have implemented the 4RUS behavior system which was developed and introduced by Mr. John, the school’s principal.

The five components of the 4RUS program was reinforced in morning meetings and in family life classes.  The components are: Respect, Responsibility, Relationships, Resiliency, and Safety.

Once the students were familiar with the program staff was able to begin integrating the behavior system into academic classes, gym, art, music, the lunch room, and into both our quiet room and ISS room.

Students have begun to demonstrate a respect for themselves, property, and the educational environment. They know they have a responsibility to listen and follow directions in order to improve academically and accept responsibility for their actions. Students’ relationships with peers as well as staff have improved because of better communication. This year students persevere on tasks for longer periods of time, making them more resilient. With these improvements in place students feel school is a safer, happier place to be.

As with anything new, it is always a work in progress. We, the staff and students of the George Washington School know and are proud that this is all “4RUS”!

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